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Rafa Nadal is not a machine.
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"I’m sure it meant nothing to him [Rafa Nadal] but it meant the world to us."

En Barcelona, entrenando ya de nuevo!!

Back to training in Barcelona!! - Rafa Nadal via Facebook

No frustration, no drama. Just tennis match. But at the end I prefer to win (smiling).

Real Madrid win the Copa del Rey!! Our champ must be very happy now. Sweet dreams Rafa!

The photos were great, but Rafa’s voice and thoughts give the beautiful images a sublime finishing touch. Watch now!

Have you heard the new anthem ‘¡Vamos, Rafa!’ by Javi Cantero? 

No, I have not studied at all and it is still very bad! I can read, and if you speak slowly I understand a little, but that’s it!
Did Rafa Nadal improve his French?

Javi Cantero’s New Song ‘Vamos, Rafa!’ Dedicated to Rafael Nadal. Have a listen: http://bit.ly/1gVUl35