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Well deserved award! Congrats Rafa!

I am very disappointed to announce that I will not be part of the first edition of the IPTL. I was looking forward to representing Indian Aces and playing in front of fans in New Delhi in the exciting new League. I wish the team the very best and hope to be back next year.

RAFA NADAL: A tope con la iniciativa de ! A por el Mundial de basket!!

Everybody knows when they call the match, he’s going to sit there for five minutes and not come out of the locker room.
Rafa is a great competitor. He’s somebody that doesn’t give up so easily. Obviously not having Nadal in any tournament is a loss.
For us, the players, I mean, we hope Rafa gets well and he feels better quickly and all these things and he’s back on tour soon.

Rafael Nadal via Facebook:

Con mi amigo David Bisbal en Mallorca.

Having a great time with my friend David Bisbal in Mallorca.